This copy of my blog will not now be updated. I have moved it to https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/hughpumphrey/ — this means you can now see all the same old material and hopefully some new stuff. And you can see it without the increasing deluge of advertisements with which wordpress was swamping the blogs of freeloading users. Until recently, I had to put up with this, but my dear employer has now set up its own wordpress instance and is encouraging us to use it.

I am a lecturer (full title: Reader in Atmospheric Science) in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. My research is on remote sensing of the atmosphere, mostly using the MLS instrument. My contact details are here.  My publications list will give you the full details of my research work.

I was for some years the degree programme convenor for the University of Edinburgh’s degrees in

I have now handed that task on to a colleague but continue to teach on those degrees. The purpose of this blog is for me to write about stuff that isn’t strictly work but is connected with it in some way. There are likely to be posts on various aspects of atmospheric science, Earth science and the teaching of science. But I wouldn’t be surprised if stuff creeps in which is about what is growing in my garden, the mathematics of bellringing, Free Software advocacy, scientific computing etc.

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